The Key Purposes of The New Zealand Curriculum:

The New Zealand National Curriculum is a framework that provides guidance for schools in the development of their school-based curriculum. It puts students at the centre of the learning process and places an emphasis on the development of the key competencies and social values.

The NZ Curriculum is the official document for all teaching, learning and assessment in New Zealand schools.  The following document is a practical set of guidelines based on the curriculum statements for teachers at Beach Haven Primary School.

We aim to offer learning experiences, which are authentic, purposeful and make use of the natural connections between Learning Areas.  These plans allow teachers to have the freedom to use their own flare and creativity in putting together programmes, which will cater for their own, and students’ needs.

We recognize that students have to be able to learn at levels appropriate to their needs.  Following these guidelines and using the assessment and analysis documents in the school will provide our students with quality teaching and learning experiences.

Underpinning the Curriculum Plans are our Community Goals to:

  • Prepare our children for the future
  • Continue developing a solid foundation in numeracy and literacy
  • Promote and encourage positive values
  • Maintain high standards of behaviour and work
  • Develop the community aspect of the school
  • Instill a love of learning that our children will carry with them throughout their lives


2023 BHS Charter
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2023 BHS Annual Plan Targets
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2024-2025 Strategic Plan